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Arcturian Gathering: Integrating the Spirit Part 3 with Adargoma Sanabria


£25Early bird if paid fro by 1st February.

The third and final part of our journey of integration into the human experience. Firstly we integrated the Mind which took the form of a Tetrahedron; secondly we integrated the body which took the form of a Cube; finally, we are integrating the Spirit which takes the form of dodecahedron, also seen as a Torus.

The integration of the Spirit consist of a final download that integrate your Spirit into your human experience, which allows you to become a human doing instead of a human being. 
What is a Human Doing?

A Human Doing is a Soul that is having a conscious human experience as an expression of the Entire Universe. The Universe is fractal, therefore your Mind is the physical manifestation of the Universal Mind; your body is of the Universal Body and finally your Spirit is of the Universal Spirit. Your feelings and emotions are your guiding tools to navigate your thoughts to create your reality.
The aim of these integrations is to allow you to consciously tap into the Universe within to have a more fulfilling human experience.