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MORNING Part 1: Archangel and Violet Flame Attunement with Anne-Marie

£20 each session. Book both sessions for £35.

The current energies are very strong and people are feeling the effects of the change in their energy fields like never before.  Join Ann-Marie and the Archangels to learn how to clear and protect your energy and space, meet the healing angels assigned to you, carry out self-forgiveness and re-energising.

 MORNING Part 1    Archangel and Violet Flame Attunement   

Gain an Archangel and Violet Flame attunement to enable you to improve your connection to the Archangels and keep your energies protected and clean.  Learn a method of setting up a healing space for you to engage with these wonderful energies, and learn how to call on them when needed.  Come and feel the subtle differences in the energies as you blend with them and the power of their healing at all levels, and work with the Metatron Cube to clear your energies.

INFORMATION ON AFTERNOON SESSION: Part 2 Self Protection with Archangel Michael's Shield with Ann-Marie Saturday, 27th 2 -4   £20

Connect with the Archangels to learn how to protect yourself using the shield of Archangel Michael to dispel psychic attacks. Experience angelic healing methods with Archangel Raphael and other Archangels.  Utilise the Hopponnapona with Archangel Sandlephon for healing of the Earth.  Meet Archangel Melchizadeck and the rainbow ray.

You can purchase handmade and angelically charged prayer beads for £15 to be used during the sessions as part of the Hopponnapona and for you to take home and use with the meditations.Please bring along a notepad and pen.