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Energy Wellbeing Starts Here with Lindsley Cash and Ann Marie Spittle


Unit 1 Mayhem Centre, Brewery Road, Hoddesdon, Herts

Saturday 27th April 10.00am-4.30pm


It is important to keep our personal space clear, not only the home, the workspace, but our personal space too.  In this gathering we will look at ways to clear and revitalise our energy and our personal space. 


·         First, we look at our personal energy and ways to keep our aura and chakras clear. 

·         Second, we will look at what’s going on in the home front. 

·         Third, we will deal with other people’s energy around you. 


Through meditations, pendulum and practical activities all the above can be addressed purposefully.  


Each participant will receive a set of small chakra crystals plus the choice of a sardonyx crystal for their home protection or tourmaline crystal for personal protection as a gift.


Bring water.  Pendulums provided if you don’t have one.


 (Book for Spirit Guides and Guardians as well, for an inclusive price of £60)