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Spirit Guides and Guardians with Lindsley Cash and Ann Marie Spittle


Unit 1 Mayhem Centre, Brewery Road, Hoddesdon, Herts


We all have a No.1 guide who supports us along our spiritual pathway.  Our Higher Self guides us in our life time experience. A guardian angel helps protect us and some of us may have healing guides too.

In this gathering, channelling medium, Lindsley, will bring forward each of these energies and they will give you whatever information you are allowed to know for your highest Divine good. 

·         No.1 guides usually provide a name by which they may be known and give some relevant information on their connection to you.   

·         The Higher Self is you at your source and may provide knowledge of other aspects of itself that exist in other parts of the world at this time. 

·         Through a short meditation your guardian angel will be met and provide you with some information. 


The event is made up of meditations, interaction by participants with their guides and guardians.  Channelled personal messages from individual spirit collectives is given.  As a gift, each participant will be attuned to Ascended Master, St Germain’s, Violet Flame.

Although questions may be asked of guides and guardians they may not necessarily be answered. All information provided is to help you move forward in your life time experience towards your full magnificence.  Please bring water.   

(Book for Energy Wellbeing as well, for an inclusive price of £60)